Invitation Marketing

Our invitation marketing service gets prospective clients, investors, distributors and others to meet you face-to-face with live video chat, right from your website.

How does it work? We start by designing a super-sized postcard with amazing graphs, a brief introduction to your product or service and an invitation for the recipient to visit your website and click one button to start a live video chat with you (or your sales, support, investor relations, human relations, etc.). The postcards are mailed to prospects that fit your requirements.

Who is this great for?
> Real estate agents.
> Registered investment advisers.
> Car dealerships.
> Insurance agents.
> Home healthcare agencies.
> Publicly traded companies.
> Recruiters.
> Companies seeking investment capital.
> Law firms.
> Etc.!

If the postcards are sent using the USPS program we use for the car dealership (suitable for most companies) then the package would include 10,000 postcards. If they want a custom list, we would need to do a custom quote.

Our service includes custom postcard design, postcard printing, postage and live video chat technology for your website. Pricing starts at $5,000, depending on the quantity printed/mailed and type of list you require.

Contact us for more information or to get started!