Lead Generation

We use a unique method to generate high quality leads.

You already spend time and money on various forms of marketing and as a result, some people who are interested in your services will visit your website for more information. A few of those people will call, email or visit your office, but the vast majority of your website visitors will leave your website without contacting you; taking with them your opportunity to make a sale.

Our proprietary solution helps capture some of those missed opportunities. We achieve this by adding a button that appears on every page of your website which makes it faster, easier and more convenient for website visitors to connect with the right person or department in your organization. Take a look at the blue button to the right of your screen and click on it. The button can have any “call to action” such as: “Connect with Sales” – “Help” – “Ask a question” – “Can I Help You?” – whatever you want.

Once a prospect clicks the button, they will see the photos, names and titles of each person who is available to address their needs. They select the most appropriate person and submit their details for follow-up. We filter out spam and forward real leads within minutes so you can follow-up with the prospect.

Your website visitors need the right information from the best available person to make an informed decision. We make it fast and easy for them to connect with you; before they exit your website to find another facility who makes it easier to obtain the information they need.

Our service is simple. There is no need to create, configure or manage an account. You send us your name, title, email address, phone number and a link to your photo or an attachment with your photo. We then email you a line of code which is added to your website. Your unique button can be added to an unlimited number of websites.

Chatnik technology can be licensed for a flat annual fee, which includes unlimited leads and use of the live chat features on an organizations website, or, Chatnik can be licensed for $20 for each lead generated. Individual sales professionals can license Chatnik for $300 per year and organizations can obtain bulk pricing for all their sales agents to use Chatnik.

Leads We Specialize In:
Assisted Living Facility Leads
Auto Repair Shop Leads
Car Dealer Leads
Dentist Leads
Education Leads
Hospitality Leads
Insurance Leads
Investor Leads
Lawyer Leads
Medical Leads
Mortgage Leads
Real Estate Leads
Recruiting Leads