Mortgage Leads

We provide mortgage professionals with a unique way to generate leads.

People who visit a real estate website to view properties will need a mortgage. With our solution, from any page on the website, they can click a button to be connected with you – the real estate agent’s trusted mortgage provider.

The button looks like the blue button on the right side of this page. Take a moment now to click on it. The button can have any “call to action” such as: “Chat with Loan Officer” – “Connect with Loan Officer” – “Get Prequalified Now” – “Get a Mortgage” – whatever you want.

Once a prospective buyer clicks the button, they will see the photos, names and titles of each sales person who is available to address their needs. They select the most appropriate person and submit their details for follow-up. We receive each message to filter out spam and forward real leads within minutes so you can follow-up with the prospect. If you are part of a team, we can add each person on your team to the same button or we can create a unique button for each member.

Our solution makes it faster, easier and more convenient for home buyers to connect with mortgage professionals. As a result, (1) you get access to real time leads from real people who are actively searching homes on real estate agent websites, (2) home buyers get the help they need from an experienced mortgage professional and (3) real estate agents can spend their time showing and selling homes rather than fielding inquiries from prospects who are not yet qualified.

Our service is simple. There is no need to create, configure or manage an account. You send us your name, title, email address, phone number and a link to your photo or an attachment with your photo. We then email you a line of code which is added to your website and given to all of your real estate agents so they can add it to their websites. Your unique button can be added to an unlimited number of websites.

Mortgage companies can license Chatnik technology for $900 per year, which includes unlimited leads and use of the live chat features on an organizations website, or, Chatnik can be licensed for $20 per lead generated. Individual loan officers can license Chatnik for $300 per year and mortgage companies can obtain bulk pricing starting at $2,000 for all of their loan officers to use Chatnik.

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